In recent years, the rapid development of the Internet of Things has an important impact on the development of various industries, the most obvious of which is the security industry. Security cameras are located in various regions and fields to protect everyone’s safety. So what scenarios are IoT cameras used in?

1. Use IoT cameras in scenarios where wired network deployment is inconvenient or WIFI coverage is limited, such as security monitoring in commercial offices or outdoor blank areas in residential areas.

2. In the scenarios where the wired network cannot be obtained normally, such as: construction site construction requires video surveillance, security monitoring such as agriculture, forestry and animal husbandry.

3. Remote mountainous areas or rural areas or scenarios that only require special network requirements, such as remote mountainous areas and rural areas.

4. Scenarios that require mobile monitoring, such as Internet of Vehicles monitoring, road maintenance, decoration construction, outdoor monitoring, etc., need to move the video monitoring location frequently.

A camera alone is not enough, you also need an IoT card

What is an IoT card?

The IoT card, also known as the IoT card or SIM card, is provided by the communication operator and has the same appearance as the ordinary SIM card.

The card is basically the same as the IoT card, which is an important medium for cellular IoT terminal devices to connect to the network, and is specially used on smart hardware.