• Our Factory

People always come first in all things we do

We care deeply about the people who build our products, so we hold ourselves to the highest standards to ensure everyone is treated with dignity and respect. We require ourselves and suppliers to provide fair working hours, a safe workplace, and an environment free from discrimination. From day one, we should inform the employees of these rights and guarantee anonymous channels to voice concerns if they arise.

Creating opportunities for those who build our products

We have provided educational programs to our employees since 2008. These programs enable people in our factory to acquire new skills and advance their careers, which means education of all kinds such as vocational education, education in the soft skills that help employees become better managers, and health education that gives them tools to manage their well-being. The programs are designed to function like a staircase, allowing participants to climb, one step at a time, toward their goals.

Dedicated preparation before production

Good tools are prerequisite to the successful execution of a job. To create perfect products, we must carefully prepare all the materials and production tools, because a tiny difference in materials or caused in production process would generate totally different products which would affect the final performance and your experience in use. We select every chipset and IC components from the qualified suppliers and plan the inventory which would contribute to shorten the production period and ensure the quality. Each innovation feature in products would cause a lot of difficulties in production that would need us create corresponding tools to solve and break through when we were designing the product.

IQC Flow

Advanced automatic production line and strict quality control

The complicated production process would become smooth and in order due to the advanced automatic production line we have and the strict quality control steps we follows. We are determined to provide ever more valuable support to the partners worldwide through the optimization and refinement of all aspects of our own business.

Enhanced Productivity with Manufacturing Execution System

  • Proven approach with minimum risk to customer.
  • Perform better scrap management.
  • Get full visibility of material usage and inventory.
  • Reduce manufacturing cycle time and data entry time.
  • Production cost analysis in greater detail.
  • Rework in an efficient manner.

SMT Error Avoidance System Prevents Errors in Feeding

  • Improve the speed of line shifting.
  • Shorten the time of checking,
  • Insightful reports.
  • Everything is under control.

Unattended Warehouse

  • Lower Costs.
  • Workforce Productivity & Retention.
  • Healthier Inventory.
  • Sustainable “Green” Practices.
  • Eliminate product damage.

Environment friendly is our responsibility

We work from materials to recycling, to verify that our requirements are being met for the people and communities in our supply chain. And make sure less harm to environment during production and come out the safe products. We enforce our inspection policies at every point in our supply chain.

Every year we deepen ourselves with suppliers to protect the planet. Together we’re conserving more energy and water, adopting safer chemicals, and eliminating waste through hands-on, collaborative programs. And as we drive ourselves toward best practices that go beyond our factories, we openly share what we learn to accelerate our collective positive impact on the planet.

We keep raising our standards and the industry’s too

The standards we are concerning is not only our workplace, materials, production facilities, and technologies in our factory, we seek to be an example for others to follow, openly sharing our progress to accelerate industrywide change. We are proud of the achievements and efforts we have received so far, but we know our work will never be done if we aren’t finding ways to improve.

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