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Automotive electronics applications guide

As the modern-day automobile becomes more and more dependent upon electronics, designers are being faced with new challenges in power control, advanced communications, and sensing applications. Circuit protection – specifically

How IoT is Used in the Automotive Industry

The Internet of Things has proven its value across a wide swath of markets, but perhaps most visibly in the automotive industry. Cars are ubiquitous. Almost everyone has one, or at least has one in the family, and they’re a point of pride for teenagers and shipping magnates alike. The connected car is only the latest in […]

IoT Market: Trends & Analysis 2020

The automobile industry is among the largest and most vital industries in the world. Increasingly this vast industry is undergoing disruption. The idea of self-driving cars has taken hold across the globe. Existing technology makes it possible to create such cars and is leading to a frenzy among automakers and technology companies to develop autonomous […]