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Beginning in early 2020, COVID-19 (2019-NCOV) has spread globally, putting people around the world in the shadow and fear of disease. Our mask-related orders have surged nearly ten times as usual, but we are not happy.

There is a Chinese proverb: “I hope people in the world are free from illness, so why not put my medicine on the dust?” As a supplier of health protection products, we think so. At this time, we hope to provide as many adequate and high-quality mask protection products as possible for the people around the world, but at the same time, we hope that our “peak season” will soon pass, and everything will return to normal.

Let’s work hard together.

Disposable Face Mask

【Structure and composition】 This product is a disposable medical mask, which is a non-woven type. The non-woven and filter cloths are folded, heat-sealed, cut, and spot-welded elastic bands.【Specifications】 Medium
【Brand】 COE
【Protection effect】 Class A
【Main use】 This product is suitable for breathing protection in daily life.
1. Mould, damaged packaging, and prohibited use after expiration;
2. This product is a single-use product, cannot be reused, and should be used as soon as possible after opening the package;
3. Please use medical waste disposal methods after using the product Handle properly.
【Storage conditions】 It should be stored in a dry, ventilated, non-corrosive gas environment, away from fire sources and flammable materials.
1. Open the package and take out the hood.
2. The nose bridge is above, the folding direction is the inner layer of the mask, the outer layer of the mask is folded down, and the mask is worn.
3. Hang the earband lightly on the ear.
4. Gently pinch the bridge of the nose to make the mask close to the face, covering the user’s mouth, nose and jaw.
【Validity Period】 Store under specified conditions, valid for two years.
【Applicable standards】 GB / T 32610-2016

KN95 Respirtory Mask

【Main performance】 Suitable for breathing protection under non-oily dust environment
【Protection level】 KN95, filtering efficiency 95%
【Main use】 This product is suitable for breathing protection in daily life.
【Storage conditions】The unopened product should be stored under the conditions of -20 ° C to + 30 ° C and relative humidity below 80%.
【Wearing method】
1. Open the package, take out the outlet cover and stretch it out.
2. Place the sharp corners of the mask on the outside and aim the face on the inside.
3. Cover the mouth and nose, and hang the earbands on the ears on both sides.
4. Adjust the mask to fix the bridge of the nose so that the mask fits the face.[Validity Period] Store under the specified conditions, valid for three years.
1. When the air quality index is Grade 3 (light pollution) or below, it is recommended to replace the mask every 3 days. When the air quality index is Grade 4 (moderate pollution) and below, it is recommended to replace the mask every two days. When the air quality index is Grade 5 (heavy pollution) or below, it is recommended to replace the mask every 1 day. In order to achieve better protection, please wear it in accordance with the correct use method;
2. Can’t be used when the ambient humidity exceeds 50 degrees; Can’t be used when the ambient oxygen content is lower than 19.5%; Can’t be used under toxic gas environment (cannot replace the gas mask) Only suitable for the respiratory protection of non-oily particles ;
3. Do not use this mask when the concentration of pollutants reaches immediate life-threatening or healthy concentrations; when breathing difficulties or dizziness or other discomforts occur, leave the contaminated area immediately;
4. When the mask is damaged or the respiratory resistance becomes too large, it should be replaced with a new one;
5. Do not modify, clean, abuse or misuse this mask;
6. Mold found, packaging is damaged, after the expiration date is strictly prohibited.

Face Shield

SIZE: 73cm×68cm×52cm
Anti Fog, Fluid Resistant, Eye Protection.
1. Single Use
2. Can be used in food industry, medical, hospital, laboratory, manufacturing, clean room, Home etc.
3. Fluid resistant, anti fog etc.

Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

【Packaging】60 PCS/CARTON
Battery Type: AAA DC 3V.
Large Screen Display, Backlight, Clear Reading;
Accuracy: ±0.2℃
Resolution: 0.1℃/℉
Measuring Distance: 3cm-5cm
Measuring Range: 32℃-43℃
Working environment Temperature: 10℃-40℃
Temperature Unit: ℃ and ℉
Reaction Time: Within 0.5s
Body temperature measurement: To accurately measure body temperature, alternatives to traditional mercury thermometer. Skin temperature measurement: Measurement of body surface temperature of the skin, such as can be used in replantation of severed limb operation when the need to measure the surface temperature of the skin.
The object temperature measurement: Measuring surface temperature of the object, such as measurement of the temperature of the cup appearance. Liquid temperature measurement: Measuring the temperature of the liquid, such as the bathwater’s temperature of a baby, the temperature inside the battle of milk,etc.

Hand Sanitizer

【Packaging】36 BOTTLES/CARTON
SIZE: 55cm×55cm×17cm
【Description】75% ETHANOL HAND SANITIZER 500ml/bottle
【Products Features】
1. To decrease bacteria on the skin that could cause disease.
2. Recommended for repeated use.
3. Use anywhere without water.

Nitrile Gloves

【Brand Name】INTCO
1. Non-toxic, no color difference, no impurities, no right or left hand, easy to wear and use, sensitive.
2. Easy to wear, anti-static, uniform color, quality assurance.
3. It has good flexibility and touch, acid and alkali resistance, oil resistance, penetration resistance and antibacterial.
【Scope of application】
Suitable for hospital / clean room / clean room / purification workshop / semiconductor, hard disk manufacturing, precision optics, optical electronics, LCD / DVD liquid crystal manufacturing, bio-pharmaceutical, precision instruments, PCB printing and other industries. NBR gloves can be widely used Labor protection and household hygiene in health inspection, food industry, chemical industry, electronics industry, paint and coating industry, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery industries.

Protective Suit

It is suitable for clinical staff to obstruct and protect potential infective patients’ blood, body fluid, secrete that can be contacted in work.
1. The joint part of protection suit is used the processing craft of stitches, glue and heat seal and the stitches are sealed, the lines are even and straight.
2. The front opening of protection suit is fixed hidden zipper, the zipper has self-locking function to prevent slipping down.
3. The structural layout of protection suit is reasonable easy to wear and take off, the structural pact is tight.
4. Cuffs, ankle, hat, face, waist are used elastic closing design, It more suits the human structure and comfortable.
5. The protection suit is one-place structure and compose of hooded tops and trousers.

COVID-19 Test Kit

• Each individual foil envelope contains: 1 x Test cassette
1 x Dropper
1 x Desiccant pouch
• Buffer solution
• Instructions for use
One Step COVID-19 Test is used for detecting COVID-19 antibodies in human whole blood, serum or plasma sample, and is suitable for the preliminary screening test for the patients with suspected COVID-19 infection.
For in vitro diagnostic use only.
One Step COVID-19 Test uses with immunochromatography assay for the detection of COVID-19 antibodies in human whole blood, serum and plasma. When the COVID-19 antigen level in the specimen is at or above the target cutoff (the detection limit of the test), the antigen bound to the antibody-dye conjugate are captured by anti-COVID-19 antibody immobilized in the Test Region (T) of the device, and this produces a colored test band that indicates a positive result. When the COVID-19 antigen level in the specimen is zero or below the target cut off, there is not a visible colored band in the Test Region (T) of the device. This indicates a negative result.
To serve as a procedure control, a colored line will appear at the Control Region (C), if the test has been performed properly

1. This kit is for in vitro diagnostic use Do not swallow.
2. All specimens should be treated as capable of transmitting
3. Icteric, lipemic, hemolysed, heat treated and contaminated blood may cause erroneous
4. Discard after first use. The test cannot be used more than
5. Do not use test kit beyond the expiration
6. Do not use the kit if the pouch is punctured or not well sealed.
7. Keep out of the reach of
8. DISPOSAL OF THE DIAGNOSTIC: The used-device has the infectious risk. The process of disposing the diagnostic must follow the local infectious disposal law or laboratory regulation
1. Store at 4-30 ℃ in the sealed pouch up to the expiration date printed on the package. The shelf life is 24 months.
2. The test cassette should be used within 1 hour after taking out from the foil envelope. Buffer solution should be re-capped in time after
3. Keep away from sunlight, moisture and
The test can be performed with whole blood, serum and plasma.
For whole blood:
1. Using standard phlebotomy procedure, collect a venipuncture whole blood specimen using a blood collection tube with suitable anticoagulant (EDTA, Heparin, Citrated sodium).
2. It is recommended that specimens should be tested Do not leave the specimens at room temperature for prolonged periods. If the specimens are not tested immediately, they may be stored at 2°C~8°C.
3. It’s not suitable to test the whole blood samples which have been stored at 2°C~8°C for more than 7
For Serum and Plasma:
1. Using standard phlebotomy procedure, collect a venipuncture whole blood specimen using a blood collection tube. If collecting plasma use a blood collection tube containing suitable anticoagulant (EDTA, Heparin, Citrated sodium).
2. Separate the serum/plasma from blood as soon as possible to avoid
3. Test should be performed immediately after the specimens have been collected. Do not leave the specimens at room temperature for prolonged periods. Specimens may be stored at 2°C~8°C for up to 3 For long-term storage, specimens should be kept below -20°C.
Bring specimens to room temperature before testing. Frozen specimens must be completely thawed and mixed
well prior to testing. Specimens should not be frozen and thawed repeatedly. Only clear, non-hemolyzed specimens can be used.
Allow the device, buffer and specimen to equilibrate to room temperature (10°C ~30°C) prior to testing.
1. Remove a test cassette from the foil pouch by tearing at the notch and place it on a level
2. Slowly add 10 μL of whole blood or serum or plasma to the sample well (A) and then add 2~3 drops (80 μL) of buffer solution to the buffer well (B).
3. As the test begins to work, you will see purple color move across the result window in the center of the test device.
4. Wait for 15 minutes and read the results. Do not read results after 20
Positive: colored bands appear at both test line (T) and control line (C).
Negative: colored band appear at control line (C) only.
Invalid: no visible colored band appear at control line after performing the test. The directions may not have been followed correctly or the test may have deteriorated. It is recommended that the specimen be re-tested.
Positive coincidence rate: Test 3 positive COVID-19 samples (P1~P3) with One Step COVID-19 Test, all of them showed positive results.
Negative coincidence rate: Test 5 negative COVID-19 samples (N1~N5) with One Step COVID-19 Test, all of them showed negative results.
Repeatability: Test 1 positive COVID-19 sample with One Step COVID-19 Test for 10 times, all of them showed positive results.

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