Self-driving taxis, buses, sweeper trucks, logistics trucks… With the rapid development of autonomous driving technology, these driverless vehicles are gradually on the road, shuttling through the streets of the city!

Take the self-driving bus as an example. The bus automatically leaves the station, selects lanes, avoids obstacles, automatically stops on the intelligent platform, and automatically completes charging. Based on the support of 5G technology, the application of self-driving bus business is gradually becoming normal.

In June 2020, Zhengzhou, China, opened the country’s first commercially operational autonomous smart bus line. In the past two years, road trials of autonomous buses have been carried out across the country.

In January 2022, Yangquan, the first prefecture-level city in China to open autonomous driving in the whole region, ushered in the “busy” test of autonomous driving cars, buses, taxis, security vehicles, sweeping cars and other autonomous vehicles. To strengthen the testing of planned routes.

It is reported that Yangquan plans to build three self-driving bus routes to form a demonstration project of “vehicle city network — Vehicle road Intelligent travel new ecology”, so that each self-driving bus is equipped with millimeter wave radar, laser radar, cameras and GPS positioning system. In the future, a full-scene autonomous driving travel system integrating point, line and plane will be built to meet the conditions of large-scale and multi-scene demonstration operation.

In March 2022, the Beijing municipal high level automatic driving demonstration zone office officially released “Beijing intelligent made policy area in intelligent snatched bus road test demonstration application management regulations (try out)”, which regulates, unmanned bus need through the no-load test and simulated load tests, in turn can enter demonstration application stage.

Baidu, Qingzhou Zhihang and Sensetime will invest in eight self-driving buses for road trials in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, according to the district. It also means that the era of driverless cars in Beijing may not be far behind.

In addition to China, and looking globally, the UK’s first L4 driverless buses will be field tested on the Fourth Road Bridge in Scotland at the end of April. The test car is equipped with a large number of sensors to ensure no safety driver intervention or control. Official passenger service is planned for the summer.

For autonomous buses, which also use L4 autonomous driving system, commercialization of autonomous buses may be sooner than imagined as industry standards are further regulated and autonomous taxis are first “explored on the road” in the market. Hurry up.

Driverless buses under the coordinated control of people, vehicles, roads, networks and clouds will become a new trend of intelligent travel.